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Are Procurement Teams Ready for AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers exciting potential to improve procurement functions, from helping to recommend products to improving fraud detection. However, many companies are still in the early stages of incorporating AI into procurement. Only 2% of procurement leaders have fully deployed AI/cognitive technologies, finds a Deloitte survey. At the same time, AI appears likely to be...

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Three Ways Predictive Technology Improves Tail Spend Management

When it comes to procurement, the little things count. Small supplier relationships that tend to sit outside the strategic focus of an organization—the tail spend of procurement—may seem insignificant, but altogether, they can comprise an unwieldy group that outnumbers core vendors and cuts into profit margins. Fortunately, procurement teams can utilize predictive technologies that turn ...

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Strategic Procurement Casts A Wider Data-Capture Net

In an interview with the Managing editor of, Sandeep Gauba, CEO of GoProcure, shares insights on Tail Spend and the impact of FinTech in the world of procurement B2B FinTech has made leaps and bounds in the world of procurement, enabling large enterprises to automate a significant portion of their purchasing processes. Strategic sourcing, data integrations with ERP and account...

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No PunchOut, No Problem...

While many companies are starting to understand that they need to get a better handle on their tail spend — those small transactions that sit outside a company's strategic spend but which can add up and cut into profits —too often businesses run into technology roadblocks in this area. Businesses often find that their procurement systems lack interoperability with certain suppliers and h...

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Do You Fit the Profile of the Next Generation Procurement Executive?

In the last decade procurement operations have primarily focused on purchasing effectiveness: improving the skill sets of their staff, developing good negotiators, driving strategic sourcing activity, utilizing e-procurement tools to get deeper penetration and more control of spend (a center-led solution). Moving forward, we need to truly understand and grow with the business. Transactio...

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