Frequently Asked Questions

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What is GoProcure?

GoProcure is a B2B procurement platform that brings the power of corporate purchasing to mobile devices while providing control and compliance needed to effectively manage a company’s spend.

Why does my company need GoProcure?

Companies use GoProcure to make non-strategic purchases of goods and services easier for their employees while having them comply to company policies with reduced risk of fraud.

What are the key benefits of using GoProcure?

The following are the key benefits of using GoProcure

  • Access to a robust procurement platform that can be configured to customer need
  • Access to a marketplace of over 5000 vetted suppliers for both goods and services
  • Ease of use
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Sourcing capabilities through RFQ
  • Pre-approval of all orders
  • Consolidated invoice for all purchases during the billing period
  • Detailed reports of spend by cost centers and GL codes
  • Spend visibility through an interactive dashboard

How does a company sign up to use GoProcure?

Click here to send a request and a sales representative will get in touch with you

Is GoProcure a mobile or web application?

GoProcure is both a web application and a mobile application with identical functionality.

What App Stores is the GoProcure App available on?

The GoProcure Application is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

What do you need from a company to set up an account?

We need you to fill out templates that ask for company information, user information, accounting information and approval hierarchies. This information is used to set up your company account before your users can start using GoProcure.

Do I need to involve my IT department to use GoProcure?

GoProcure is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based application that is hosted from an AWS (Amazon Web Services) site, so it does not require any involvement from your IT group to set up your account or to give your users access to it. However, if integrations are requested or if updates must be made to existing users in GoProcure through an automatic feed from an HR/ERP system, the IT department may have to get involved.

How does GoProcure handle international purchasing?

GoProcure is currently only available to U.S. based customers. International purchasing with currency and UOM conversion, VAT charges, etc. is not supported. However, we can on-board international suppliers, place orders with them, and make payments in USD. Similarly, international shipping to the U.S., if done by the supplier, is available to GoProcure clients. Additional bank fees may apply for international transactions and will be billed internally to the customers