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Category: Diversity

Add Diversity to Your Supply Chain to Boost Innovation

Companies of all sizes are increasingly recognizing that building more diverse organizations not only helps create a more just, equitable world but also yields a variety of business benefits. For example, companies with above-average diversity among their management teams report a higher amount of so-called innovation revenue, i.e., products and services launched within the preceding thr...

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Gaining Visibility Into Unmanaged Spend Can Lead to Innovation

Small purchases by employees for products like office supplies or services like office cleaning may not seem like a big deal, as you may think that whatever your company spends in these areas pales in comparison to your largest expenses like payroll and rent. When left unmanaged, this spend can start to add up, create compliance risk, and ultimately lead to poor business decisions. The g...

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Tail Spend Management: Hype or Real?

While tail spend management has traditionally been more of an afterthought compared to larger, more strategic spending, these small purchases can still add up to significant amounts and affect organizations’ risk management, employee experience and more. Fortunately, more procurement leaders are paying attention to tail spend now, particularly with the advent of e-procurement platforms l...

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How Poor Spend Data Affects Financial Business Decisions

Businesses are increasingly utilizing data to optimize everything from marketing to talent recruitment, and procurement should be no exception. Yet many companies have significant room for improvement in this regard, as they only have visibility into how they’re spending with their largest suppliers, while many smaller ones get overlooked. In fact, only 6% of procurement leaders say they...

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Category: News Awards Diversity

GoProcure Named Diversity Supplier of the Year by the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council (GMSDC)

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GoProcure, a leading procurement solutions company that provides a B2B e-commerce platform, was announced as the winner of the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council’s (GMSDC) Supplier of the Year Award. GoProcure was selected for its innovative spend management and e-procurement solution and for its continual commitment to diversity suppliers. The GMSDC ...

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5 Ways to Improve Spend Management Without a Procurement Department

For midsize companies without a procurement department, spend management may be somewhat of an afterthought. Understandably, these businesses often feel like they need to direct their limited resources towards other initiatives such as increasing sales, but today’s technology makes it increasingly possible for midsize companies to easily improve spend management. In doing so, midsize bus...

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