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Accelerate the success of your procurement initiatives by leveraging the expertise of our buyer’s desk

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Create Leverage in your Procurement Department

With the right sourcing professionals on your side, the Buyer’s Desk can materially improve efficiency, generate cost savings, and strategically expand your supplier network. The GoProcure Buyer’s Desk uses a proprietary triage engine to create intelligent and automated requests for bid, searching an expansive pool of suppliers – including your organization’s preferred suppliers as well as our registered, diverse supplier network. Our team only delivers bids that meet our “4R” framework: the right product/service at the right price from the right supplier at the right time. 

Partner with GoProcure to Reallocate Your Internal Team to High Value Projects

Procurement’s Right Hand Team
The purpose of our Buyer’s Desk is to support users by facilitating transactions, conducting RFQs, and onboarding and managing suppliers. Our buyers serve as an extension of an enterprise’s procurement organization for tail spend purchasing
Vast Knowledge & Purchasing Expertise
Our Buyer’s Desk consists of a team of supply chain professionals with direct and indirect sourcing backgrounds and multiple years of related work experience
Premium Service
Our Buyer’s Desk is readily available to assist users as their purchasing needs arise. Communication with our Buyer’s Desk is as easy as sending an email, a quick phone call, or even a screen sharing session to provide the best customer experience

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Streamlining tail spend purchasing through enterprise-wide transformation

Tail spend purchasing is a headache for businesses of all sizes. Historically addressed with a fragmented approach (e.g. commercial cards, BPOs and e-marketplaces), the majority of procurement organizations today are struggling to realize the benefits of effective tail spend management. In 2017, one of the largest global performance eyewear companies undertook a major initiative to revamp their tail spend purchasing practices. The organization had a mature process for routine purchasing, however was challenged in dealing with its significant volume of suppliers and micro purchases. The organization needed a solution that was user friendly for employees across various lines of business, but also met the rigorous needs of its procurement organization.


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