The Buyer’s desk is a team of supply chain professionals that share a passion to find, bid and deliver on supply chain solutions. At GoProcure, our buyers desk solution represents the procurement organization and support the internal customer in finding a competitive solution, to their requirements.

How does it work?

The buyer’s desk will use our proprietary triage engine, to seamlessly create an automated request for bid, using your preferred supplier as well as our registered, diverse supplier network. This will deliver competitive bids from the right supplier, for selection, by the internal customer.

The GoProcure objective is to streamline the buying process and allow the internal Procurement team to focus on the needs of the
internal customer and fulfill their requirements. The value of this process will impact many facets of the supply chain including:

  • The Clients procurement team will be able to address RFP/RFQ request that are not being addressed
  • Provide a quicker response time
  • Internal customer has a person to support their efforts
  • Procurement will know that the RFP process is being managed and free the internal resources to focus on strategic value, such as supplier innovation, contract management and strategic sourcing
  • Procurement will obtain detailed spend information, to enhance their targeted strategic sourcing efforts
  • The supplier base will be leveraged, and opportunities aggregated, to deliver greater opportunity to the key cost-effective suppliers, in a lower cost digital environment. Sales costs will be reduced, and sales order entry automated. These all reduce costs for the supplier so that they can deliver their products and services profitably