Strategic Sourcing

GoProcure pairs deep expertise with flexible and customized solutions to develop a sourcing strategy best fit for your organization’s needs

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Strategic Sourcing Service Sheet
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Source across all Major Categories

We have sourcing expertise across a broad base of categories (direct and indirect) and all major industries


Deploy Sustainable Sourcing Programs

We design and implement processes to manage company catalogs and introduce automation where relevant


Generate Material Cost Savings

We use a proven tollgate process to typically generate 5-15% cost savings

Strategic sourcing is a strategic lever in an increasingly complex business environment

A robust sourcing program identifies, and partners with the highest quality suppliers, therefore helping companies achieve their top level goals and objectives – such as cost savings, increased diversity spend, risk mitigation, supplier innovation, and compliance. To reach that next level of supply chain maturity, companies have realized that they should focus on their core strengths, and partner with a next generation sourcing specialist like GoProcure to achieve these levels of results.

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