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Procurement Innovation with Raj Verma Featuring Elba Pareja-Gallagher, CSCP

On this weeks episode of the procurement innovation podcast, Raj Verma is joined by Elba Pareja-Gallagher, CSCP, the sustainability director of stakeholder engagement at UPS to further discuss women in the workforce during the pandemic and beyond. They deep dive into current trends and explore what the future looks like for women in business.
As the sustainability director of stakeholder engagement, Elba is responsible for engaging, collaborating, and innovating with all UPS stakeholders to create long-term business value and deliver what matters most to employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders. This means communicating with investors about UPS’s ESG commitments, challenges, initiatives, and progress; inspiring employees to advance UPS’s ESG priorities and goals; partnering with sales and marketing teams to share UPS’s sustainability leadership and portfolio of sustainability solutions to drive new revenue; working with UPS suppliers to build awareness of sustainability; and increasing the likelihood of employees to recommend UPS as a great place to work.
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